Sale Land 2 Rais is not far from Thungwualaen beach about 150 M. near the hotel Cabana beach

รูปภาพที่ 1

รูปภาพที่ 2


9,000,000 บาท


ชุมพร ปะทิว สะพลี


ขนาดพื้นที่ : 833 sq.wah

Sale Land 2 Rais is not  far from Thungwualaen beach about 150 M. near the hotel Cabana beach

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Sale Land atmosphere quiet who like peacefully near Beach


 Land 2 Rais with 33 sq.wah land just over 150 meters away from the beach side. White Sand Beach Amphoe Pathio, Chumphon South of Thailand


Offering 2 rais 33 square wah or about = 3,332 sq.m.


This plot, not far from the restaurants, hotels,resorts, guest house, lovely house, not far from our  land plot we sell.


And so here not far the beach, atmosphere quiet for who like peacefully and  dream to have smaller house near sea with reasonable price of piece of land for sale and also comfortable to travel near, Chumphon Cabana beach entertainment complex, Chumphon Airport etc..


Width x Length  approximately 57 x 100 m.


We sell all 9 million baht. /negotiation


with who will buy really only. 


Chanote Title deed correctly.


Only the meet real buyer. We will take you to see. Do not contact cheaters.


Thank you very much for negotiating with real buyers only.






No broker

Please contact Khun Nanticha for more details: 0897881243 or, 095-124-1462, 0859144508



ID LINE: thailandproperty


Notes: (1)The cost bring to customer to see the place cost about five thousand Baht upon request ,charge to see the real place cost 5,000 THB. (no refund)

(2) But in case real buy,we will refund this about back to the buyer takeover here 

Near By Haad Thung Wua Lean Beach,Pathio Hospital,Pathio Airport



ที่อยู่ :  ต.สะพลี อ.ปะทิว จ.ชุมพร

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Thailand Property


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